Understanding Cedar Wood’s Susceptibility to Cracking: Causes and Solutions

Understanding Cedar Wood’s Susceptibility to Cracking Causes and Solutions
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Cedar wood is renowned for its natural beauty and durability. However, it is important to understand the factors that can lead to its cracking or splitting. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind cedar wood’s vulnerability to cracking and provide practical solutions to preserve its quality. Whether you plan to use cedar wood indoors or outdoors, these insights will help you prevent unwanted damage.

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Prolonged Sunlight Exposure

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause cedar wood to dry out and become more prone to cracking. Shielding the wood from direct sunlight or applying protective coatings can help prevent this issue.

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Prolonged Heat Exposure

High temperatures can accelerate the drying process of cedar wood, making it more susceptible to cracks. By ensuring proper ventilation and regulating temperature, you can mitigate the risk of heat-induced splitting.

Prolonged Cold Exposure

Extreme cold can cause cedar wood to contract and expand, leading to cracks. Employing insulation techniques and avoiding sudden temperature changes can minimize this problem.

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Excessive Moisture

Cedar wood’s exposure to excessive moisture can result in swelling and subsequent cracking. Applying a water repellent finish and ensuring proper drainage around the wood can offer protection against moisture-related damage.

Inadequate Storage Practices

Improper storage, such as leaving cedar wood directly on the ground or in damp environments, can increase the likelihood of cracking. Elevating the wood and storing it in a dry, well-ventilated area can help preserve its integrity.

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Cedarwood is not highly resistant to impact, making it prone to cracking or splitting when a heavy object is dropped on it. Similarly, if you accidentally miss the target while hammering a nail into cedarwood, the impact can cause the wood to split.

Improper Fastening Techniques

Using incorrect fasteners or applying excessive force during installation can cause cedar wood to split. Utilizing appropriate fasteners and exercising caution while fastening will minimize the risk of cracking.

Applying Excessive Pressure

Applying excessive pressure, such as placing heavy objects on cedar wood, can lead to cracks. Distribute weight evenly or use protective padding to prevent concentrated pressure points.

Incorrect Tool Usage

Using the wrong tools or techniques during woodworking can result in unintended damage to cedar wood. Employing the appropriate tools and following recommended guidelines will help avoid unnecessary cracks.

Impact from Hard Objects

Cedar wood is susceptible to cracking when subjected to impact from heavy or sharp objects. Handle cedar wood with care, avoiding accidental impacts that could compromise its integrity.

Dry Rot Issues

Untreated cedar wood is vulnerable to dry rot, which weakens its structure and increases the likelihood of cracks. Regularly inspecting and treating cedar wood with appropriate preservatives will help prevent dry rot and subsequent splitting.

Tips for Purchasing and Properly Storing Cedar Wood

  • Choose high-quality cedar wood from reputable suppliers.
  • Store cedar wood in a dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Protect the wood from direct sunlight and excessive moisture.
  • Seal the ends of the wood to prevent excessive drying.


While cedar wood offers numerous benefits, it is important to understand the factors that can lead to cracking or splitting. By implementing preventive measures and following proper storage and usage guidelines, you can maintain the integrity of cedar wood for both indoor and outdoor applications. Preserve its natural beauty and durability by taking proactive steps to prevent cracks and ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your cedar wood products.

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